from doula clients

testimonials from doula clients …

“ I do not have enough words to describe how fantastic Paula is! Her energy, passion, love and knowledge makes her the best person to support you while pregnant, in labour and giving birth! She made our journey to parents absolutely magical and perfect. The room was overflowing with warmth, love, happiness, and calmness. Exactly what we needed when we needed, a laugh, a cuddle, a massage, a gentle guide when I started to lose my bubble and focus, protection and a voice for us when we couldn’t be. We actually love her so much and are so thankful for everything she did along our journey. Paula believed in us and supported us so much, giving me the strength to give birth naturally the way I could only have dreamed of which I truly believed I couldn’t. I’m still in shock that I actually gave birth in a pool, I’m so tiny! Short version – if you’re pregnant or planning to be – you NEED this woman in your life now!” ~ Laura and Sam

” Paula was absolutely brilliant during my pregnancy, birth and beyond. After 3 hospital births I really wanted a home birth with my 4th baby. I had never used a doula before but felt we needed that extra support this time. I’m so glad we made the decision to use a doula and Paula was just the best. She is so thoughtful, knowledgeable and kind, she went out of her way to ensure we were supported throughout. What an inspiring lady, she does so much to empower women in all aspects of her life. A highly recommended doula” ~ Dawn and Vinny

” I cannot find the right words to describe how completely empowering and amazing it was to have Paula by my side before, during and after the birth of my fourth child. She will forever hold a special place in my heart for the love and support she showed me and my family and to my baby girl who was born into her hands… After a previously traumatic labour, having Paula to talk things through with was a huge relief. Her wisdom and faith in the birthing process helped to relax and prepare me. Her love and support during my labour gave me the strength and courage to entirely trust and follow my own body and instincts ” ~ Abi and Joe (I don’t catch babies as a rule but in this case the midwife got lost en-route – a fast baby who was in a hurry!)

“I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, fun and supportive person to share this journey with… Paula gave me strength when I needed it most, wisdom when I saw my options slipping, a hug when I was feeling rubbish, a smile when I most needed one and energy to lift me across the finishing line. Paula helped make the birth of my daughter so special and the love, delicious food and being there for me, my husband, our little boy and even my mum is something we as a family will always cherish. … If only I could tick 10 stars. The bestest doula ever! ”  ~ Liz and Steve

 ”Thank you Paula from the bottom of my my heart for all your support during my pregnancy, amazing home birth and the time following. You were everything (and more) that I’d hoped a Doula would be on the day – practical help, emotional support and an advocate for our choices. What surprised me was how invaluable I found the support in pregnancy allowing me to approach my birth so confidently. I loved your birth information course which we did with you and I found it immensely helpful that you attended a hospital appointment with us. I just loved that by the time the big day came we knew you so well and felt comfortable in your presence. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” ~ Amanda and Ed

” Paula recently supported my husband and I at the birth of our daughter at home. It was a truly empowering and wonderful experience and I’m certain that this was in part due to having Paula by my side to support me through it. Her loving support in the days leading up to the birth helped to keep me grounded and calm and at the birth she just knew exactly what to say and do to help me birth my baby in the most perfect way. If you are considering a doula for your birth, do it! “   ~ Anna and Antony

” I recently attended ante natal classes with Paula. I found Paula to be really inspiring and she has really empowered me to think more carefully about the choices I have pre and post natally. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to get in touch with Paula, you really won’t look back. Thank you Paula ” ~ Emma 


reviews of my ‘go with the flow mindfulness for pregnancy and birth book and cards’

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” I have been using my mindfulness cards alongside Paula’s holistic birth classes in preparation for the recent birth of my daughter. Both the classes and cards have been perfect in helping me to focus on the birth when I was easily distracted by my busy life, leaving me feeling calm and in control. This led to the most amazing and empowering homebirth of my daughter 2 weeks ago. I will definitely continue to use the cards as I journey into becoming a mother of two ” ~ Anna 

“ Received the beautiful birth cards today and cannot wait to use them with clients. Such love put into them, they are so informative and I can see how they will support a woman/family during pregnancy and birth. Thank-you so much Paula ” ~ Keira

” I love these mindfulness cards. I use them with my doula clients. Last week one of my clients was really excited to show me her new cards and how fab they were. Little did she know I’m a massive fan of them already! A lovely and insightful way to explore emotions and ideas in pregnancy. ” ~ Kati

“ I love these cards and the little accompanying book, they are so beautifully written and exquisitely laid out. A lovely way to explore birth in advance for either personal use or as an antenatal tool for birth workers, and works really well for reflection too. Wholeheartedly recommended! ” – Zoe

“ These cards are beautiful, as is the accompanying book. The ability to use them in a similar manner to oracle cards is a wonderful tool for bringing mindfulness back into birthing, and the information in the booklet is both joyful and genuine. You can really hear a strong, understanding voice coming through the writing. ” – Emi

reviews of my ‘go with the flow mindfulness for pregnancy and birth’ app

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“Your cards and book are even more stunning in reality than through the screen of my phone. I can’t tell you how much I totally love the colour – it makes me feel so happy inside and that’s before reading the words… your words are so comforting and soothing!”

“Every time I read it I feel relaxed. There is something about the lilting voice in your writing that soothes. And the way you distill all the STUFF we know about birth and that we yearn to teach mums down into these simple nuggets is just genius.”

“It’s a truly beautiful thing that you have created and warrants sharing far and wide. I trust you understand the impact the contents have, even on those of us who are past babydom”

“I love, love, love the concept of this and Paula, your words resonate so powerfully and poetically. There are moments of genius in this.”

“The app is so beautiful! I love it! The colours, the font, the ease of use and the content is just bloody awesome”

“Wow Paula, it’s absolutely fantastic! Such comforting advice just a click away! I would 100% recommend this to any ladies I teach and I’d use it myself. Should be so proud!”

“I absolutely love it. I love the colour and pattern. It’s perfect!… The app reminds you to have a look and take some time out to just be, and to really take some time thinking about each card.”

“Love the look… Love the colour… Definitely useful to pregnant women. I can see myself flicking through often. I would recommend it. Fantastic job guys!”

“Seriously this is fab!”

“I think the app would be useful to those who know the language and the importance of being relaxed etc and would recommend”