Doula Testimonials

Some kind words from my former clients

“I do not have enough words to describe how fantastic Paula is! Her energy, passion, love and knowledge makes her the best person to support you while pregnant, in labour and giving birth! She made our journey to parents absolutely magical and perfect. The room was overflowing with warmth, love, happiness, and calmness. Exactly what we needed when we needed, a laugh, a cuddle, a massage, a gentle guide when I started to lose my bubble and focus, protection and a voice for us when we couldn’t be. We actually love her so much and are so thankful for everything she did along our journey. Paula believed in us and supported us so much, giving me the strength to give birth naturally the way I could only have dreamed of which I truly believed I couldn’t. I’m still in shock that I actually gave birth in a pool, I’m so tiny! Short version – if you’re pregnant or planning to be – you NEED this woman in your life now!”
~ Laura and Sam (scroll down to see Sam's own testimonial below)

“There are no words in my vocabulary to express my admiration, respect, gratitude and love for this woman. Paula was my doula for my third pregnancy and birth. It was a hard pregnancy, emotionally, and Paula was there for me always with the right words or a picture of her warm smiley face or a hug. She just radiates oxytocin and warmth!! My labour and birth was pretty swift but Paula was there, keeping a watchful eye over my other kids, making sure everyone was ok, making me feel like a freaking powerful birthing goddess.
Every woman needs Paula. I will never be able to thank her enough.”
~ Siobhán and Chris

My partner and I knew we wanted a doula but we thought it would be a difficult process finding the right person. We couldn’t have been more wrong. Paula was the first doula we met and ‘interviewed’ , we knew instantly she was perfect for us and we were so right.
Having Paula as part of our birth team was amazing. She is kind and caring, super supportive, reassuring and encouraging. While I was pregnant she really helped me to find my own path and helped me to follow my own intuition. She believed in me and my body and had no doubts that I could birth my baby naturally at home, even when I had doubts myself.
When I went into labour I felt very calm and at peace as I knew that both myself and my partner would be supported all the way. Our little boy was born at home after a 12 labour just as we wanted and I know that so much of that was due to Paula. I can not thank her enough!
Paula's practical help in the few hours after the home birth was so wonderful, we really appreciated her nurturing and looking after us as we were finding our feet learning how to look after our new baby.
Also in the days and weeks after the birth, Paula was wonderful, talking with me and helping me to process, understand and make peace with the journey of becoming a mother. She is a fantastic Doula and now a wonderful friend.”
~Robyn and Charlie

“Paula has brought so much love, peace and inspiration through the whole process of preparing, birthing and nurturing in postpartum days, which has made such a difference to the well-being of our whole family. With Paula's attentive, loving presence and support we had a magical, ecstatic birth that exceeded our wildest dreams of birthing possibilities! It is a blissful and vivid memory that we will treasure forever.
Having Paula as a key member of our team gave us the confidence, safety and reassurance that we could birth in our desired, natural and empowered way. Having her support through the days and weeks after birth has also been totally invaluable and such welcome nourishment!!
You will be so happy you made the good choice to have Paula by your side through the most amazing adventure of your life!”
~Charlotte and Sam

“We feel so lucky to have experienced pregnancy and the labour and birth of our daughter with you. We couldn’t have asked for a more kind, loving, calm, strong, skilled and helpful doula. Thank you for being a part of our team and for being such a special person in our lives. You have our deepest gratitude… You are absolutely incredible at what you do and for anyone looking for an experienced doula based in Norfolk, I cannot recommend my dear friend Paula enough... she’s literally an angel”
~Georgina and Rory

“I cannot find the right words to describe how completely empowering and amazing it was to have Paula by my side before, during and after the birth of my fourth child. She will forever hold a special place in my heart for the love and support she showed me and my family and to my baby girl who was born into her hands… After a previously traumatic labour, having Paula to talk things through with was a huge relief. Her wisdom and faith in the birthing process helped to relax and prepare me. Her love and support during my labour gave me the strength and courage to entirely trust and follow my own body and instincts 
~ Abi and Joe

“I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, fun and supportive person to share this journey with… Paula gave me strength when I needed it most, wisdom when I saw my options slipping, a hug when I was feeling rubbish, a smile when I most needed one and energy to lift me across the finishing line. Paula helped make the birth of my daughter so special and the love, delicious food and being there for me, my husband, our little boy and even my mum is something we as a family will always cherish. … If only I could tick 10 stars. The bestest doula ever!” 
~ Liz and Steve

“Paula was a great source of support and wisdom during our pregnancy and beyond. Her course reassures you that birth is a natural process that you can handle no matter what happens. I loved her cards that compliment her teachings perfectly, and offer themselves as a grounding exercise to come back to when needed. Her love for her clients is always evident and she made me as both a prospective mama and after, fee totally cared for and prioritized. She also was a great support for my partner and helped him to feel ready to face the fairly daunting task of being a birth partner and becoming a father for the first time!
While she obviously knows her stuff as a professional doula, the evidence of her big beautiful family also makes you feel that you are in safe hands as she is clearly one great mama herself! I loved getting cosy in her yurt and chatting about all things birth related. My labour was a tricky one and for various reasons went pretty off-piste from my original birth preferences, but with Paula's help I came out of it still feeling empowered and joyful. Also I wish she could come and do one if her amazing pampering sessions every week at my house forever, I miss them!”
~ Emma and Peter

“Paula recently supported my husband and I at the birth of our daughter at home. It was a truly empowering and wonderful experience and I’m certain that this was in part due to having Paula by my side to support me through it. Her loving support in the days leading up to the birth helped to keep me grounded and calm and at the birth she just knew exactly what to say and do to help me birth my baby in the most perfect way. If you are considering a doula for your birth, do it!”
~ Anna and Antony  (see Antony's own testimonial below)

“Paula is like the Mary Poppins of birth… She will empower you to advocate for yourself and whatever happens during your labour Paula will be right there… kind, calm and confident in you and your birth.
I will be forever thankful for the love and care she showed me and my family before, during and after the birth of my son; I couldn't have wished for a better doula or to meet a kinder heart, Paula is a very special lady!”
~ Shelley and Lee

”Thank you Paula from the bottom of my my heart for all your support during my pregnancy, amazing home birth and the time following. You were everything (and more) that I’d hoped a Doula would be on the day – practical help, emotional support and an advocate for our choices. What surprised me was how invaluable I found the support in pregnancy allowing me to approach my birth so confidently. I loved your birth information course which we did with you and I found it immensely helpful that you attended a hospital appointment with us. I just loved that by the time the big day came we knew you so well and felt comfortable in your presence.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
~ Amanda and Ed

“Paula was absolutely brilliant during my pregnancy, birth and beyond. After 3 hospital births I really wanted a home birth with my 4th baby. I had never used a doula before but felt we needed that extra support this time. I’m so glad we made the decision to use a doula and Paula was just the best. She is so thoughtful, knowledgeable and kind, she went out of her way to ensure we were supported throughout. What an inspiring lady, she does so much to empower women in all aspects of her life. A highly recommended doula”
~ Dawn (now also a wonderful doula!) and Vinny (See Vinny's own testimonial below)

"Having Paula attend both our births has made what could be a very scary event into something memorable and positive. 
Paula took all the stress off my shoulders and allowed me to fully engage with Anna and support her through her births. She took care of talking to the midwives and asked questions that Anna and I didn't even think about. 
I would highly recommend her to anyone nervous about birth"
~ Antony
"The best decision my partner and I made as first time parents-to-be was to have Paula as our doula, and I'd make that decision again in a heartbeat"
~ Sam
"Having a doula at the birth of our last child was so helpful for our whole family.... Paula's support allowed us to enjoy the miracle unfolding before us... A doula is an excellent addition to your birthing plan and should be seen as another piece in the puzzle in your perfect birthing experience"
~ Vinny

” I recently attended ante natal classes with Paula. I found Paula to be really inspiring and she has really empowered me to think more carefully about the choices I have pre and post natally. I would thoroughly recommend anyone to get in touch with Paula, you really won’t look back. Thank you Paula”
~ Emma